The Maids blog on a snowy day

The Maids blog on a snowy day

By In Uncategorized On January 27, 2015


Well if you live in Boston today, you are in the middle of several inches of snow storm considered historical.

First news of the day “BOSTON — A major storm is expected to dump up at least 20 inches of snow across eastern Massachusetts, and it could end up making history for snowfall measured at Logan Airport.”

Now, what do do on a snowy day inside? Well, I hope you started your day sleeping in, then maybe took your cup of coffee and made breakfast. We made french toast with sausage patties, but we were seriously thinking about making carrots and walnuts pancakes, the ultimate decision was the french toast.

snow_blizzardAnyways, what you do today, we hope you enjoy it. Now since this is a house cleaning article, today would be an awesome day to get your apartment cleaned up and organized.  The stack of papers that you have been neglecting or cleaning up the closet to take them to the donation center, today would be the day to do it. Then maybe watch a good movie with a hot cocoa sounds good. Tomorrow, the best Boston cleaning service will be open to come in and scrub all the dirt accumulated from all the cooking you have done lately. Just leave it all to The Maids.

What to do on a snowy day outside? Well, if you didn’t arrange shoveling, I guess the first thing you will do today inches_of_snowoutside is make your way out to the driveway, get warm and take it as the exercise of the day. If you are adventurous or get cabin fever, its still ok to gear up and get outside and play in the snow, go sledding or make “tide-dye” snow balls!


My 5 year old and I put food coloring in spray bottles and sprayed it all over the back yard from the porch, it looks beautiful and kept him busy for like 10 minutes. Again unless you are type A, you can spend all day cleaning your home, scrubbing toilets and mopping floors, but I think you don’t want to become the housekeeper of your home, maybe you may consider this time to call the house cleaning professionals.

What to do on a snowy day with kids?This is a different story, is hard not to spend the day with your kids at home. You gotta get creative to keep them busy, of course there’s always our unconditional screen time. How about baking a cupcakes or learning how to prepare a new dish with them. Of course today may be a great day to get all those toys which they no loger play with, out of that room. After all the presents they received from grandma, its important to make space for the new toys and get the old ones out for donation. Another activity to do, not as fun but necessary and since its hard to get out today (and cold) why not start the clean up today.

What to do with pet? You don’t want to be the maid cleaning all day instead of having some play time, you have a reliable, trustworthy maids Boston service just a phone call away. I bet pets love to play out in the snow, or play period. Play indoor, outdoor, they love attention. Leave the hairy friend for you and the vacuuming to us! I hope you enjoy this article and have a wonderful day.