Management Team

Our Values

The Maids pursues these values: Thoroughness – Integrity – Peace of Mind

Thoroughness means completing everything we do. This includes conversations, commitments, projects and cleaning service delivery.

Integrity means being honest in every interaction including billing, work delivered, and agreements with each other and vendors.

Peace of Mind is the feeling we want to achieve in our relationship with The Maids as a customer, employee, or supplier.

Our Vision

The Maids is a place where our brand commitment is spoken through our actions.

  1. We are systematic. Our people can expect a stable and peaceful environment where we are focused professionals in delivering residential cleaning.
  2. We are a best place to work. Employees ask for and receive support to achieve their dreams. Opportunities are made within the company whenever possible.
  3. We are the gold standard in our market. Customers buy for quality and are extremely loyal to The Maids because we are engaged, knowledgeable and passionate about service.

The unique difference in The Maids is the obsession with quality of experience. This is made possible by the supportive environment for each person to achieve their personal and professional goals as much as they align with the company’s values and priorities.

Patricia Acevedo

Patricia Acevedo, President

Patricia, from Colombia holds a degree in administration. She’s been with The Maids since we opened in 2005. She started as a team member and now runs our operations as a Field Manager. Her ability to administer and strong work ethic make her a key part of our team.