House Cleaning Service

Choose The Maids For the Best House Cleaners in Boston

Is a Residential Cleaning Service Right For You?

House Cleaning BostonYou may need our house cleaners for your residential cleaning services if you are:

  • A working professional with a busy schedule.
  • A parent juggling too many things at once.
  • A pet owner.
  • Physically challenged and in need of help around the house
  • Asthmatic or highly allergic to household allergens.

Occasional house cleaning services may be a better fit if you are:

  • Returning from vacation.
  • Planning a party.
  • Preparing for a holiday get together.
  • Wanting periodic cleaning such as spring cleaning or back to school cleaning.
  • Move in/out cleanings
  • Post Construction cleaning

Professional House Cleaning Services

We can help! Our house cleaners in Boston offer the following residential cleaning services in Boston, including Back Bay and Jamaica Plain:

The Maids in Jamaica Plain

A thorough house cleaning provided by professionals.

Luxury Condo and Apartment Cleaning

We also work with high-end luxury apartments such as The Ritz, The Millennium, the Intercontinental, Troy Boston, The Clarendon and Four Seasons Boston.

15 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A House Cleaning Service

You are in search of help. You want reliable and trustworthy house cleaners to help clean your house. Your friend or neighbor recommends a house cleaner but you are unclear what questions to ask. You know you want peace of mind and you are about to invite someone to your most precious, intimate and sacred place: your home.

If you choose to take the task yourself to interview for a new house cleaner, take a few minutes to read this sheet of questions that may help you avoid a headache and possibly save you thousands of dollars when it comes to residential cleaning service.

What To Ask When Interviewing Someone For House Cleaning

  1. How long have you been cleaning? Get an idea as to the house cleaner’s experience, training, and the services they offer. Make sure they have cleaning down to a science, and that they are competent in all the services you need.
  1. How will get to my house so I can be sure you will be reliable? If you get to my house by car, what do you do if your car breaks down?
  1. Parking is limited in the city. What happens if you can not find parking? If your building has paid parking, be clear on who pays for it.
  1. How do you handle access to the keys to my house? The keys to your house should be properly tagged without any personal information. They should be kept in a safe or lockbox when not in use and only one person should have access and full responsibility for the key to your home.
  1. Do you bring your own cleaning supplies or do I need to provide them? If the house cleaner brings her own cleaning supplies, how do home owners know what type of products are being used? How safe are they? Not only that, the house cleaner may be using the same cloths and rags among all the jobs they are a part of, bringing bacteria and other contagious diseases to your home. Also, you should know if the house cleaner uses eco-friendly materials. You might not know the science behind it, but they should. Ask if they provide green house cleaning. This is especially important for households with children and pets.
  1. What would you do if you break or damage something in my house during service hours? Some home owners have expensive electronics, art displays, and high end furniture, so giving a maid house access can be a risk. Make sure your house cleaners know and have been trained to care for these types of items, as it is part of their jobs. Accidents happen and your house cleaner may not be able to afford to cover for the damage if she does not carry an insurance that cover third party damage or breakage.
  1. What if something disappears from my house? This is another very important point for you to consider when looking at house cleaning services. Would you be able to get ah old of your house cleaner if something gets lost in your home? You may not only lose expensive items but you may never see your house cleaner again either.
  1. Who is responsible if you get injured while you are in my house? Home owners should understand their responsibilities when hiring any type of nanny, housekeeper, gardener, or handyperson. If you want to screen and select your own service provider, (not a maid service company) pay and negotiate directly, and direct the person’s work then inform yourself about what your responsibilities and learn about the state and federal laws, including the IRS and state unemployment insurance. If you are not properly covered and your house cleaner gets injured during one of your jobs, you may end up paying for a hospital or involved in a lawsuit.
  1. Can you provide three references with whom I can speak? Are any of them in my area? You are checking to be sure the house cleaner already has reliable customers near you to have a level of confidence the maids will not have difficulty making time to get to your house later.
  1. What’s the best type of communication method? And what if I need to make a last-minute change to my cleaning or scheduled jobs? How do I get a hold of a maid during the day if they are supposed to be cleaning homes? Some house cleaners don’t have the bandwidth to both run a business and work cleaning homes. You want to make sure that if you need to access your cleaner, they will always be available to take your call.
  1. How easy is to change the cleaning day? For example, I am on weekly schedule for Mondays, but this week I would like the service on Wednesday. Be sure you are comfortable with the response as holidays and travel are regular parts of anyone’s schedule.
  1. What happens if you (the house cleaning professional) gets sick? Some house cleaners send a friend or family member to cover for her. The home owner may not even be notified or know who is his/her house. Now as the home owner, is it your responsibility to pay for sick time? Make sure you agree with your house cleaner on this and read up to make sure the agreement is compliant with Massachusetts laws.
  1. Do you send reminders or can you send reminders the day prior to my scheduled cleaning jobs? We know we live in a hectic life and even when we have it all in our calendar, it helps to have a quick reminder to pick up and organize before the maids arrive for cleaning services. If your house cleaner shows up unexpectedly, this can be disrupting and upsetting for maid and home owner, so you’d like to make sure there’s plenty of communication with your house cleaner.
  1. How do I pay you? Do you accept credit cards or another payment type? One more thing to manage if you need to keep track of the payment, leaving the check on the counter or getting cash out of the ATM because is the only payment method your house cleaner can handle. Although when paying in cash you leave no trace that the payment was made and could not dispute it with your house cleaner, versus paying with credit card, besides the extra points, you can track all the payments made.
  1. Do I need to keep track of the payments and withhold taxes to comply with Massachusetts Department of Revenue? Be clear if you are the employer of the house cleaner you are about to hire. Read about your tax responsibilities early to avoid potential fines and stress later.

As you can see there are many things to think about when inviting someone to assist you with house cleaning, and it is not an exact science. It involves a lot more than just a verbal agreement. Using this sheet of simple questions that you have read, find reliable and trustworthy house cleaners in Boston that employ reliable maids who can work successfully cleaning your house and addressing your concerns.