Move in/ Move Out Boston Maids

Move in/ Move Out Boston Maids

By In Uncategorized On July 28, 2014

Hello All,

Today I want to talk about our experience in the past 10 years of turn over cleaning services during labor day weekend.

Labor Day Weekend in Boston means….chaos. Thousands of students in the city of Boston from Allston, Brighton, Fenway all the way to downtown Boston area are moving in and moving out of apartments and condos. We receive hundreds of phone calls requesting one time cleaning services and quick move out cleaning services. One time cleanings and weekend cleaning services will be available from Boston Maids over Labor Day Weekend 2014.

apartment cleaningThe streets are blocked with moving trucks, furniture on the sidewalks and dumpsters filled with garbage, hallways full of student belongings, don’t wait until the last minute to hire a cleaning service for your move in project.

The Maids is putting this article together in an attempt to help students plan ahead for the move in/out day:

move in cleaningWe send a 4-person uniformed team, fully equipped, certified and insured to perform the cleaning. In preparation of getting your home cleaned.

Our cleaning professionals will bring our own cleaning products. We will clean the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and common areas, as well as the floors. By having 4 person team the cleaning will take much shorter and you’ll be able to move into a clen apartment.

The Maids will not clean any blood, feces or vomit and we will not be able to carry any gargabe with us.

Here is your moving to do list:

  • Purge before you pack
  • Enlist friends and family to help
  • Get some boxes and label specifics
  • Call the Movers
  • Call the Maids
  • Back up your laptop files
  • Consider breaking the lease early or ask your Landlord or Property Manager if you can move in early morning.
  • Arrange with the city parking availabily
  • Dont wait til the last minute, if you can act now, start now.
We hope this helps! Good luck and let us know if we can be of help during your move out cleaning project