Hire a Maid for May!

Hire a Maid for May!

By In Uncategorized On April 23, 2014

This is the time a year where us Bostonians can do all source of outdoor activities and make use of our backyards. Who likes family reunions, outdoor birthday parties, barbecues and pool parties with the friends!


Of course this is also the time a year to celebrate mother’s day,  we can also continue our celebration to all our Boston Marathon runners and last but not least, graduation and weddings! It’s the perfect time a year to be outside; the weather is just beautiful, not too hot, not to cold. It’s a happy time a year.

graduationWhat a better way to enjoy without worry, no hassle, no pressure. Outsource and postpone as much as you can why not!  Yes hosting a party at your home requires work, but you can outsource just about everything, from arrangements, catering and home cleaning before and after.

Not long ago we received a phone call from one of a Boston Marathon runner asking to clean his home before the marathon, he didn’t want to worry about it, he wanted it out of his mind, he didn’t want to think about house cleaning or a dirty home, I’ve never in my life thought that part of the preparation for a marathon runner would include give the maids a phone call on his checklist! He specifically called our cleaning service because he knew we use environmentally preferable green cleaning products and he wanted to have a healthy home cleaning before the big event he has been preparing for the past year. I share this because we all have big events in our lives that we prepare for and one little thing such as “home cleaning” could be disturbing and pulling energy out of our body without recognizing it.

boston marathon

photo courtesy of: runnersworld

So going back to outsourcing for your event could be the next marathon or just a barbecue with your friends you don’t have to break a sweat! Nor break your piggy bank to hire a housekeeper. Prioritize, get organized and then hire a reliable maid service that understands your goal, your need, we can together set up the expectations and work out a plan for you, could be a one-time cleaning, or we can start a longer relationship where you can focus on your goals and outsource your house cleaning shores.

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