Home Cleaning South Boston

When you need home cleaning, South Boston can provide you the best cleaning services around through The Maids. Our company has been providing the highest level in residential and commercial cleaning since 2005. With over 30 years of experience and a dedication to training our employees and providing the highest quality service, we know our approach is second to none. If you are looking for a cleaning company that offers deep cleaning and leaves your home fresher and healthier, then you have found the answer with The Maids.

House Cleaning South Boston for Pet Owners

If you have pets in the house, cleaning can be a nightmare. Dogs and cats with fur shed constantly on your floors. Their dander and fur can get into the furniture even if you train them to stay off. Combat the presence of pet allergens, smells, and fur laden furniture with our house cleaning in South Boston. Whether you are interested in occasional cleaning to really get into the nooks and crannies of your home or you want to keep your house as pet-fur-free as possible, our cleaning approach has you covered. We use a proprietary 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System to eliminate 99% of allergens and keep your home pristine.

Referable Home Cleaning South Boston

When 96% of our current clients say they would refer our services to friends and neighbors, we know we are doing something right. Our approach to cleaning is founded on a belief in high quality customer service. Cleaning service providers need to offer highly trained employees who can protect their customers’ privacy while providing exceptional services. That is what you get every time you work with The Maids.

Our teams of professional cleaners are trained, certified, licensed, bonded, and insured to promote the highest level of care in your cleaning service. With an average tenure of 5 years and a familiar cleaning face every time we come into your home, we know you will be pleased with our comprehensive home cleaning in South Boston.

Healthiest House Cleaning South Boston

Call us up today to learn more about how our cleaning services can meet your needs. We will discuss custom options that fit in with your lifestyle. From occasional cleanings throughout the year to regular service you will barely notice aside from the amazing cleanliness of your home, we are capable of every cleaning need you may have. Get started today with our healthy house cleaning. South Boston homeowners can contact us at (617) 524-0300.