Apartment Cleaning North End

Protect your investment with our apartment cleaning. North End apartment renters and owners know they can trust the clean that comes from The Maids. With eco-friendly cleaning products, a proprietary approach to great cleaning, and a commitment to customer service, there is no company that can offer the same high level of care and quality our team provides. Since 2005, we have been setting trends in the cleaning industry to help our clients live, work, and play in a healthier and cleaner environment. Our team of professionals is highly trained and certified to provide you with peace of mind every time our little yellow cars drive up to your building.

Occasional Apartment Cleaning North End

Many of our apartment customers prefer occasional apartment cleaning in North End. Whether you are just moving in or out or you are getting ready for the changing seasons, we can come into your apartment for a thorough clean to give your space that extra bit of cleanliness so daily chores are much easier to keep up with. Whether you are a college student in the area, a busy professional, or you just need an extra hand sometimes, we are ready to send out teams of 2-4 maids to get the job done fast. Not only do we offer an expedient turnaround time, but we also provide the most thorough cleaning job you will ever experience. When you come back into your apartment, you will be surprised by the level of care and detail we have cleaned your home with.

Regular Apartment Cleaning North End

If you need a hand more often, we also offer regular apartment cleaning in North End. After our initial cleaning, we will call you to see how it went and set up a regular schedule to get started. Many of our clients like weekly service while others prefer biweekly, monthly, or custom timeframes for cleanings. Over 90% of our regular clients trust our company with a spare key and keep their payment information on file so we can come and go without interrupting anyone’s daily life. If you are interested in regular cleanings, reach out for more information.

Apartment Cleaning North End That Sparkles

Regardless of your cleaning needs, we look forward to the opportunity to show you the difference our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System can make in your home. Get started today with a free estimate for your first apartment cleaning. North End renters and condo owners can call us at (617) 524-0300 to learn more.