Apartment Cleaning Jamaica Plain

The next time you need apartment cleaning, Jamaica Plain residents will encourage you to look at the comprehensive cleaning services provided by The Maids. For 10 years, we have been developing the best cleaning solutions in the business. With a focus on environmentally friendly practices and a commitment to high quality staffing and support, we know you will love the cleaning services you get when you come to us. There is a reason most of our customers say they would recommend our services to friends and neighbors.

Quality Apartment Cleaning Jamaica Plain

Have you ever really looked closely at an apartment before you have moved in? Sometimes the layers of dust will catch you by surprise. It is easy to clean the common areas where people most often look, but blinds, behind refrigerators, and other out-of-the-way places may be overlooked during a routine cleaning.

If you want to feel confident in your new apartment, hire the maids for a one time apartment cleaning in Jamaica Plain. We will come into the space; use HEPA filter vacuums and environmentally safe products to give your apartment a very thorough cleaning. After, you should notice a difference in the way the place smells and feels. After your first experience, you may choose to hire us for regular cleanings once a week, once a month, or seasonally.

Apartment Cleaning Jamaica Plain Personalized for You

When we come in to do apartment cleaning in Jamaica Plain, we will bring a team of 2-4 licensed and certified cleaners. We will ask about your pets and any special requests beforehand and send you a reminder the day before we come in to clean. In a few hours, we will have the entire place as clean as possible and ready for you. Many of our regular customers even leave spare keys and payment information on file so we can come in and clean without interrupting daily activities. Let us know what you expect from a cleaning company, and together we will come up with a plan for your individual needs.

A Dream of Apartment Cleaning Jamaica Plain

Let us know how we can help make professional cleaning a reality for you. We know you will tell the difference our company makes when we come in and use the most effective methods for ridding your apartment of germs and allergens. To get started with our apartment cleaning, Jamaica Plain apartment dwellers can call us today at (617) 524-0300.