Move-In Cleaning
Move-In Cleaning in Boston, MA

A New Home Is a Fresh Home with Move-In Cleaning in Boston, MA


Isn’t it nice to walk into a sparkling home? Picture the bright floors, windows so clean they are nearly invisible, and the pleasant aroma of cleanliness. You don’t need to picture it; make it a reality for your new home by securing move-in cleaning in Boston, MA. This is a level of cleaning beyond regular upkeep. It’s for those areas of a home that don’t get constant attention.

The Maids Boston is the team to turn to, whether you’re getting ready to settle into your dream home, moving into your first apartment or switching condos. It’s always nice to have one thing removed from your to-do list, and that’s what we do. We are your extra pair of hands.

Maybe you’re moving out of your current home. If so, we can take care of the final cleaning for you so the next tenant enjoys a spotless home.

Enjoy a Clean Home with Our Weekly Cleaning Services

You are the perfect candidate for a weekly cleaning service if you don’t have the time to tackle a regular thorough cleaning job. And who does?

Sure, things like washing the dishes should be done daily, but these days, that’s often a matter of loading a machine and pressing a button. What about the other cleaning jobs?

Recurring Cleaning Services in Boston, MA

The ones that need to be done at least once a week to keep your place clean. Something like vacuuming doesn’t have to be done every day, but it should be taken care of at least weekly. Let us lighten your load by doing the jobs that take up a significant portion of your time.

Maybe your place doesn’t need a professional cleaning as often. If that’s the case, take advantage of the bi-weekly maid service we provide. Our team has the experience and dedicated work ethic to provide a whirlwind of cleaning services for you. You can choose the level of clean you want and the areas that you would like us to focus on and we do the rest.


Cleaning Is Our Business, Let us Help with Yours

Our recurring cleaning services are empowering for the individual or family with a single residence. But suppose you have multiple locations to keep clean. Maybe you’ve got commercial properties, or you’re a landlord. Talk to us about keeping your properties fresh and clean. We have a hard-working team that is capable of handling multiple jobs during the course of a day.

Contact our team today for your recurring and move-in cleaning needs. We are proud to serve clients in Boston and the surrounding area.