Cleaning Service Tip: Keep Hardwood Floors Healthy with Less Salt

Cleaning Service Tip: Keep Hardwood Floors Healthy with Less Salt

By In Uncategorized On November 17, 2010

Winter time at The Maids Boston always brings different challenges.  It seems like we go instantly from complaining about the heat to complaining about the cold.  Having to remove snow to get our cars out from our Jamaica Plain office, carrying equipment on frozen Beacon Hill walks, and battling the winter dirt are constant battles this time of year.  Salt gets everywhere; on the sidewalks, in cars, and on our shoes.  The corrosive nature of salt that is great to melt ice is not so great for the other surfaces where it can end up.

Our cleaning professionals wanted to share some tips on how our regular maid service customers can protect their hardwood floors.

cleaning professionals recommend doormats

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1. Place a door mat outside of your door.  This is an easy way to brush off the majority of the salt that is picked up from the streets and a great way to add a little decoration to your home.

cleaning professionals recommend door sweeps

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2. Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.  Door sweeps not only keep dirt out, but also keep heat in.  A double bonus with one solution!

cleaning professionals say leave shoes at the door

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3. Take your shoes off at the door.  There are those that do and those that don’t.  Our cleaning professionals quickly note that it is much easier to get the hardwood floors clean in homes where shoes are not worn.  For those that love to buy shoes – it’s just an opportunity to expand into a great collection of slippers!

Enjoy the winter season – it’s not all drudgery.  Some of the best days are to stay inside and enjoy how those brilliant floors just after the whole home has been cleaned.