Boston House Cleaning Rates Worthy of Professional Maid Service

Boston House Cleaning Rates Worthy of Professional Maid Service

By In Uncategorized On August 6, 2011

Have you thought that having a Boston maids service was a luxury afforded only by people living in huge houses or estates?  Our attitudes are changing about hiring maids or a maid service as our lives become more and more hectic through the varied demands placed upon our time.  Once you begin to investigate house cleaning rates, you will see that the cost is one which is reasonably priced and can easily be afforded on most budgets.

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House Cleaning Rates

House cleaning rates from maids or a maid service are generally based on the size of the house either by the number of bedrooms or the square footage, or the rate can be solely figured by the hour.  The base house cleaning rate can vary according to the condition of the home, how often the maids will be cleaning the home, and the level of services you require.

We’ve managed to uncover some nationally average house cleaning rates that will surely put this all in a much better perspective for you.  There are many options available as far as frequency, services provided, materials used, and the type of maid service that you choose.

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Typical house cleaning rates for the first cleaning which usually takes a little longer and is very thorough:

  • 900 square foot apartment with 2 bedrooms and about 5 rooms total runs between $74-$200.
  • 1300 square foot single story home with 7 rooms runs between $95 and $300.
  • 2200 square foot two-story, 3-bedroom house with up to 9 rooms would run $149 to $400.


Once you’ve had the initial, first-time house cleaning, a professional Boston maids service would then generally clean your home on a bi-weekly basis.  Let’s look at the house cleaning rates for bi-weekly cleaning of the same size homes as above:

  • 900 square foot apartment or condo would be $59 – $124.
  • 1300 square foot single-story home would be around $79 – $150.
  • 2200 square foot two-story home would run $104 – $180.


House cleaning rates like these are truly worthy of a professional maid service in your home.  A typical house cleaning done on a regular basis should include vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing sinks, floors, countertops and range hoods. Some services include loading the dishwasher and changing bed linen if you leave the linen out for the maids.

Boston maid service

Boston Maids Service

Remember these house cleaning rates are based on the national average.  Your area or locale may be within the range or higher or lower depending on the demand and the area the maid service covers.

You can obtain a more specific house cleaning rate from your local Boston maids service by requesting an estimate.  The maids will come out to your home, review their services with you, walk through your home and determine the actual cost as it pertains to your unique home and requirements.